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The average salary range for a Special Agent FBI is between INR 1,005,696 and INR 1,771,594. On average, a Bachelor’s Degree is the highest level of education for a Special Agent FBI. This compensation analysis is based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Kolkata, India. Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs are the law enforcement officers that are responsible at the county level. Sheriffs perform duties on enforcing the law that are similar to local police chief. The sheriff deputies also provide security in county courts and as such are sometimes referred to as bailiffs. At a local level uniformed officers and detectives are responsible for enforcing the law in a certain area such as a town or city.

fbi agent salary in india

The Innovation Center is to be part of a large, college-like campus costing a total of $1.3 billion in Redstone Arsenal and will act as a center for cyber threat intelligence, data analytics, and emerging threat training. The 9/11 Commission’s final report on July 22, 2004, stated that the FBI and Central Intelligence Agency were both partially to blame for not pursuing intelligence reports that could have prevented the September 11 attacks. In its most damning assessment, the report concluded that the country had «not been well served» by either agency and listed numerous recommendations for changes within the FBI. Beginning in the 1940s and continuing into the 1970s, the bureau investigated cases of espionage against the United States and its allies.

How to Become a Therapist without a Psychology Degree

Specialized Federal agencies – in addition to FBI, there are many other specialized agencies that enforce federal law in specific sectors. The Secret Service is responsible for protecting the President, vice President and their families, as well as other public officials. The agents working for the Secret Service are two types – Special Agents and Uniformed Officers, and both have very specific responsibilities and have to meet very high criteria to be employed. State police officers or state troopers are those who patrol on the highways and are in charge of motor vehicle laws. Their main tasks include issuing traffic citations, directing traffic at crime scenes and giving first aid to accident victims.

  • ERI Economic Research Institute compiles the best salary, cost-of-living, and executive compensation survey data available.
  • There are a lot of jobs with a criminology degree requirement available to graduates and many of these are decently compensated.
  • In many cases, students can transfer their previous credits or have their professional experience converted into credits to accelerate their degree program.
  • Detailed itemization for spending categories and cities begins on page 15.

You must also attach a federal resume and a college transcript on the application page. Have a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of full-time work experience. fbi agent salary in india Cost of living is calculated based on accumulating the cost of food, transportation, health services, rent, utilities, taxes, and miscellaneous.

Earning a Degree: What Degree Do You Need To Be an FBI Agent?

Aspiring FBI special agent applicants should be aware that this isn’t a nine-to-five job; the hours can be irregular and frequent travel is often a must. The FBI’s motto—fidelity, bravery, integrity—succinctly describes what it means to be a special agent. If you possess all of those qualities, working in this branch of federal law enforcement could be the right fit for you.

The rules for joint activities and information sharing are generally spelled out in formal agreements between the U.S. and the host nation. When choosing a criminal justice program, you should look for coursework that covers topics such as criminal law, criminology, forensic science, and investigations. These are all essential areas of knowledge for FBI Agents, and a solid foundation in these subjects will help you succeed in your career. The Uniform Crime Reports compile data from over 17,000 law enforcement agencies across the country. They provide detailed data regarding the volume of crimes to include arrest, clearance , and law enforcement officer information. The UCR focuses its data collection on violent crimes, hate crimes, and property crimes.

fbi agent salary in india

Quickly search for salaries in other careers and locations in our salary database. Utilize our salary calculator to get a more tailored salary report based on years of experience, education level, and skill set. Learn the importance of job matching for compensation benchmarking and learn how to accurately determine a jobs total pay from salary surveys. This certification program for financial compliance professionals is internationally recognized in over 80 countries. It aims to test professionals in their ability to detect as well as curb financial crime. Criminologists with extensive field and research experience can become college or university professors to hone the next generation of criminologists.

FBI Agent Salary

Depending on the assignment, they may work in highly populated or remote and isolated communities. It’s both a challenging and rewarding experience to be a part of a team that makes the choice to serve and protect Indian Country. Our OJS Facebook feed provides links to the latest vacancy announcements posted to USAJOBS and the links above are updated weekly. All school search, finder, and match results, as well as featured or trusted partner programs, are for schools who pay us. Our school rankings, resource guides, or any other editorially impartial content on our website are unaffected by the compensation we receive. A certification being offered by the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute .

BIA LEAs and LES’ often communicate with our direct services and tribal partners to gather criminal statistics reporting, detention reports, and requests for technical assistance or opportunities for additional funding. LEA’s and LES greet the public and visiting dignitaries from State, Tribal, Local, and other Federal agencies. LEA’s and LES’ are the backbone of the organization that maintain our administrative needs to provide essential services to Indian Country. Criminologists, particularly those in law enforcement, need to have high moral and ethical standards. This is what allows them to remain impartial in any investigation they take part in.

FBI Careers and Training in Chicago, Illinois

These individuals are typically in demand when an agency does not have information or evidence to press charges against an individual. Individuals must also have experience in the detective field and a license in order to perform detective work. Get information on programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information. Applicants need to have lived in the United States for the last three to five years. The age range to qualify for a position as an FBI agent is 23 to 37 years old. While certain waivers are available, only people who meet this age category will be considered for the position.

They pursue and apprehend individuals who break the law, investigate burglaries, homicides, and any suspicious activity they notice. Uniformed police officers patrol, respond to calls and may be in charge of traffic direction at a crime scene, while detectives gather evidence and conduct interviews until the case is resolved. Their general law enforcement duties and responsibilities include regular patrols as well as responding to calls for service. Other duties include directing traffic at the place of an accident, giving first aid to victims, or investigating burglaries.

The FBI often works in conjunction with other federal agencies, including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection in seaport and airport security, and the National Transportation Safety Board in investigating airplane crashes and other critical incidents. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations has nearly the same amount of investigative manpower as the FBI and investigates the largest range of crimes. In the wake of the September 11 attacks, then–Attorney General Ashcroft assigned the FBI as the designated lead organization in terrorism investigations after the creation of the U.S. HSI and the FBI are both integral members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

After the war, the FBI was assigned to protect returning Japanese Americans from attacks by hostile white communities. Regarding the bachelor’s degree, it isn’t strictly necessary to earn an FBI criminal justice degree. In fact, you’d likely be hard-pressed to find a specific FBI criminal justice degree; a broader degree in criminal justice is far more common. Any type of degree in criminal justice is a good choice, although the FBI will consider applicants with different academic backgrounds who are otherwise qualified. The meet-and-greet interview is an in-person review of your application at your local processing field office. At this interview, you must verify the information on your application and ask questions about the organization’s policies.

Those numbers can go much higher, depending on experience and agency, plus locality pay adjustments from roughly 15% to 39%. The Securities and Exchange Commission, the stock market watchdog, tops the list, in part, because it competes with Wall Street banks for employees. Hawaii pays Special Agents the most in the United States, with an average salary of $76,632 per year, or $36.84 per hour. Today, we have 63 legal attaché offices—commonly known as legats—and more than two dozen smaller sub-offices in key cities around the globe, providing coverage for more than 180 countries, territories, and islands.

The COVID-19 vaccination requirement for federal employees pursuant to Executive Order does not currently apply. Some jobs, however, may be subject to agency- or job-specific vaccination requirements, so please review the job announcement for details. Therefore, to the extent a federal job announcement includes the requirement that applicants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 pursuant to Executive Order 14043, that requirement does not currently apply. Our special agents have a range of backgrounds, education, and skill sets that collectively allow us to stay ahead of threats. Special agents have the drive and leadership skills to take on new challenges and protect their communities.

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