The Benefits of Hiring a CPA to File Your Taxes

Why You Should Get A Cpa To Prepare Your Taxes

For instance, if you run an e-commerce business, then your accountant should have experience with serving online companies. If you’re purchasing a business, a CPA can help you analyze its financial records, verify its assets, and perform your due diligence. If you’re selling your business, a CPA can give you an idea of the fair market value of your business, and prepare your financial reports and statements. The short answer is that it depends largely on your business and the services you need.

Why You Should Get A Cpa To Prepare Your Taxes

While tax prep software is great and all, it’s really only useful for taxcompliance. The more complicated your financial profile becomes, the more decisions you’ll have to make, and the more important tax planningwill Why You Should Get A Cpa To Prepare Your Taxes become. CPAs have passed the Uniform CPA Exam – a rigorous exam that tests one’s understanding of tax law and standard accounting practices – and obtained a state license, which includes ethical requirements.

Why you should use a CPA to prepare your taxes | Paul Pahoresky

In most cases, there are advantages in going to an accountant if you have a complicated situation. It can be worth the expense, as many people find that they actually save money by going to an accountant because their tax refundincreases significantly. But there are also cases where you may want to file your return on your own. Your need for a tax accountant depends on your personal situation. You might consider using an accountant if you’re self-employed, or if you experienced significant life changes during the tax year. You might also want to use an accountant if you need to amend a previous year’s tax return.

  • Lastly, when considering a CPA, check their online reviews or their Better Business Bureau accreditation.
  • No assurance is given that the information is comprehensive in its coverage or that it is suitable in dealing with a customer’s particular situation.
  • When you do dispose of your returns, make sure that you shred them using a paper shredder.
  • Some tax preparers might be willing to let their clients take such a risk in order to get a higher refund; most CPAs however, will not risk losing their license for you.
  • What’s more, CPAs work quickly, which saves you time and unnecessary anxiety.

Most preparers charge a flat fee per return, but some may charge an hourly rate. Again, anyone can file their own taxes with or without the support of Turbotax or other software. But when tax planning opportunities arise, some careful forethought can go a long way.


«They’re good for people who have simpler returns — they’re in their first few years of work or single with no kids. The programs ask questions to make it easy to understand the directions and input your data.» Like CPAs, enrolled agents are entitled to unrestricted taxpayer representation. Unlike CPAs, EAs’ expertise is limited to tax matters, making them extremely well versed in their specialty. But EAs tend to lack the broad financial knowledge that CPAs have. Some tax clients may prefer a more versatile approach to the tax-filing process rather than a more specific one or vice versa. CPAs often charge higher fees to represent taxpaying individuals before the IRS.

Why You Should Get A Cpa To Prepare Your Taxes

You will be responsible for the Manhattan income taxes that have incurred while you were living in the United States. These taxes will need to be paid in full before you will be allowed to surrender the green card or give up your U.S. permanent resident status. You can fill out a 1040-C form on your income taxes in New York when you are ready to leave the country. Make sure that you have documentation that you did pay your Manhattan taxes before you leave, in case you need to prove it.

When It’s Time to Get an Accountant to Do Your Taxes

To get your deductions and credits you must hand over documentation that proves your expenses for the year which you’re filing taxes for. Bring receipts, invoices, medical bills, charitable contributions, IRA contributions, job-hunting expenses, mileage logs, educational expenses, self-employment expenses and more to your accountant. It’s better to have too much documentation to provide than too little. Organizing your financial information is crucial for several reasons. First, it can help you keep track of your expenses and income, which is essential for preparing your tax return accurately. Additionally, it can help you avoid penalties and fines that can result from missing deadlines or failing to report income correctly.

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